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Education Planning

Education is such an important part of financial planning. Having resources available for education expenses can make such a difference for the person that is pursuing a higher education. Knowing that they can focus 100% on their education (rather than worrying about how to pay for it) can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome.

You may be planning for your children, grandchildren, or maybe even yourself. Planning now for future education expenses can make the cost more bearable by spreading it over numerous years. We’re here to help you with this planning.

529 Plans, Coverdell educational accounts, and Uniform Gifts to Minor Accounts all have different tax consequences and also affect financial aid differently. We assist you in determining the most appropriate type of account for your unique situation.

As CPA's and financial advisers, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with educational planning advice coupled with income tax advice so that you have the best of both worlds when planning in this area.